Our firm specializes in horticulture, native-ecological plantings, sustainable design, hardscape detailing and project coordination. 

All projects are managed by one of the principals and each site is approached with a fresh perspective while drawing on decades of practical experience. Our design process is collaborative. We include our clients in all decisions and offer referrals to a range of high quality contractors. We are equally happy to work with contractors our clients recommend. Our goal is a seamless process, a high quality installation and a lasting solution that reflects the needs and desires of our clients. 

We offer expertise in sustainable design solutions for new construction, siting buildings for optimum solar orientation, cost effective topographic solutions and renovation of existing properties that respect the indigenous materials and plantings. 

Services provided include:

  • Site Analysis: This phase of a project studies the existing conditions of a property to determine the feasibility of the clients program. We consider solar orientation, the existing topography and site features such as wetlands, ledge locations and surrounding conditions in order to begin formulating a design solution. 
  • Masterplans: Masterplan phase of the project utilizes the site analysis for the schematic design of the client's property. This portion of the project addresses the client's program elements which may include:

- building orientation

- pool and pond design

- fireplace and water feature design

- tennis courts and other athletic site features

- garden design

A Masterplan is not intended to be a construction document with specific plantings or construction details. Its purpose is to study the feasibility of the client's program elements and to finalize the design for the property. This drawing can also be used as a budgeting tool to give the client a sense of the overall construction costs of the project.

  • Construction Documentation: This phase provides the client with the bid documents for the actual construction of their job. These drawings include: 

- planting plans

- material selection

- grading plans

- layout and materials plans

- hardscape detailing

- budgeting

  • Permits: We facilitate obtaining the necessary permits for our projects with the input of the appropriate trusted allied professions. We partner with these professionals for their expertise and follow up with them to facilitate the permit process in a timely manner. We are pro-active and keep our clients informed while allocating adequate time for each step of the process to meet the agreed upon schedule.
  • Construction Administration: As independent landscape architects we act as the Owner's representative on projects both before and during construction. We evaluate project costs to make sure that bids from independent contractors are fair and reflect the scope of the project. We also review contractor's materials on site to ensure that they meet our specifications and review plant material to make sure it meets the size specified and the quality we expect. This important review provides oversight of the construction process while our clients receive the best competitive price for their work. Our goal is a positive construction experience that is completed within our client's budget, on schedule and provides a functional, practical solution of enduring beauty and innovative design. 

We invite you to review our online portfolio which is a sampling of our projects.