Firm Philosophy

Spaulding Landscape Architects, LLC values our strong commitment to the stewardship of our natural resources, while providing our clients with professional, thoughtful, sustainable design solutions. We are an award-winning, innovative firm whose designs emphasize attention to detail, horticultural diversity, and functional hardscapes. As creative professionals we see our job as problem solvers, viewing every property from a variety of angles and using our extensive experience, energy and imagination to bring our client's vision to life. 



Our projects have ranged from a 1/8th acre property in Old Greenwich, Connecticut to large estates in Fairfield County, Westchester and Eastern Long Island and as diverse as a fly fishing ranch in Colorado, a resort in the Bahamas and sustainable municipal and corporate landscapes.

Spaulding Landscape Architects, LLC takes the time to listen carefully to understand each client's lifestyle and the budget considerations, maintenance goals, time frame and expectations for their project. We appreciate the beauty of nature and work to optimize each property's individuality, utilizing site appropriate plants to provide seasonal interest throughout the year, while designing spaces that are comfortable and relaxing to be in. Our designs are sensitive to the ecological and architectural aesthetic of the properties we work on. We use our knowledge to advise our clients on how to meet their goals whether they choose to do a project in one season or over a number of years. From experience we know how to carefully phase work in cost effectively, seeing the project as a whole and recommending the best sequence to maximize each site's potential.

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Our unique perspective has been refined from years of practice and our background in the natural sciences and landscape architecture. Sustainability to us is good design that draws on our knowledge of biology, soils and horticulture. We consider resources, habitat and the history and environment of each landscape to create spaces where people enjoy spending time. We collaborate with our clients and as needed, the allied professions. Our goal for every project is to have our clients enjoy both the finished built space and the journey that takes place along the way to their design solution. We value these long term relationships and are committed to sharing our passion and enthusiasm for what we do. Our projects have been honored by the Connecticut Society of Landscape Architects, the James Rose Center for Landscape Architectural Research and Design, The Cottages and Gardens Innovations in Design Awards and the Hobi Building Trade Awards, which testify to their design excellence as well as their sustainable aesthetic.